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    I’m coming to marbella with the company i work with, what are some good team building exercises and activities we could do?
    also wheres a good restaurant that will fit us all in comfortably with good food and vibes?
    any other suggestions for our trip? all ideas welcome



    I already made a new thread but this is similar to my question! We did segways before which was fun but just looking for something different this year?
    We always go to the same restaurants as its difficult with a big group. Tango is good as it has a separate upstairs area and great food. Im pretty sure I saw they booked for there on here so maybe try that!
    If you get any recommendations for big group activities it would be great to hear them!



    When we came we did foot ball golf, wake boarding, prison break for activities.
    and for food we went to a place on the boardwalk in marbella, we booked everything through this website they were fab! so id say message them and they’ll have so many ideas and concepts!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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