Drink prices in Puerto Banus compared to Marbella

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    In Marbella expect to pay around 4 Euros for a Pint. Theres a great bar called Mas Que Tapas along the beach front that has amazing tapas dishes starting from 1 Euro per dish and I believe the pints are 3.90 in here.

    Cocktails in Marbella are between 7/8 Euros and spirits with mixers a similar price.

    Sangria and tinto de verano are cheaper!

    In Puerto Banus pints are usually minimum 6 Euros, and spirits minumum 8 Euros for the house spirits with most around 10 Euros or more.

    Cocktails range between 12 Euros and 15 Euros.

    If you are looking for cocktails Astral is a great bar where you get an amazing cocktail for your money compared to some of the other bars.

    Puerto Banus is alot more expensive drink wise than Marbella and Marbella does tend to have some good happy hours between 5-7. Puerto Banus doesn’t really have happy hours!

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    Booked the 1 hour free bar through this company! 1 hour all you can drink 15£ can’t go wrong!
    especially when the boys can drink about 15 drinks in an hour haha thats like £1 a drink! haha

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