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Hard-working team  Local knowledge of Marbella Outstanding Client Feedback Friendly Customer Service No Booking Fees No Hidden Fees Easy Online Payment  Full Time Support in Marbella More than Just a Booking Company

Covid Information:

While the MMW standard cancellation policy is always in effect with regard to any bookings made with us, in light of the pandemic we are trying to be as flexible as possible with our terms.
Should you have a problem with your dates or you need to discuss a cancellation or amendment to your booking, please do contact us as we are dealing with everyone on a case by case basis depending on their travel dates.
In many cases we have been able to come to an agreement with our suppliers to create more favourable cancellation or refund terms.
Should Spain be closed to travel we have been able to obtain refunds, part refunds or free amendments for many of our clients.
While this is not always possible if you already have a reservation with our team or you want to make one for 2021 or 2022 we can assure you that we will always do our best on behalf of our clients with regard to any change in circumstance.
If you plan to travel to Spain during the Coronavirus pandemic and you are looking for a little
help and guidance on the current situation here in Spain you are in the right place!
We have put together a short and concise guide explaining where you can find up to date travel information that may be relevant to your trip. 
Click here for Covid Travel Tips 

Cancellation & Refund Policy


  • ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’ and ‘My Marbella Weekender’ are all references to My Marbella Weekender SL.
  • ‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘Group’ or ‘Party’ means any or all people included in the booking. Including those added or substituted at a later date.
  • ‘Activity’ ‘Activities’ ‘Arrangement’ ‘Arrangements’ ‘Booking’ or ‘Bookings’ means any activities, venues, melas, transfers, accommodation and other services of whatever description that are booked through us for you in accordance with our contract.
  • ‘Supplier’ ‘Suppliers’ is anyone that allows us to pass bookings onto them on the behalf of our clients.
  • ‘Lead Customer’ is the customer that deals with the booking. 

The contracts entered into upon booking with My Marbella Weekender SL are between you and the supplier of the arrangement.

It is with this in mind that we recommend that you check through all of the terms and booking conditions of each individual supplier of the arrangements made for your group before booking. 

The individual terms and conditions of each supplier will be provided to you upon request only.

When making your booking we arrange for you to enter into a contract with each supplier of your arrangement(s). Your booking with us is subject to each individual supplier’s terms and conditions and it is the supplier who will accept liability for any acts or omissions made after the booking has been confirmed. In respect of these bookings we will accept no liability in relation to any contract you enter into or for any Arrangements you purchase or for the acts or omissions of any supplier(s) or other person(s) or party(ies) connected with any Arrangements.

The lead customer will accept full responsibility for making the rest of the group aware of the booking conditions and has the authority to deal with us on your behalf. The lead customer is liable to make any payments due to My Marbella Weekender for any bookings made on behalf of your group.


1.1 Any cancellation or booking amendment request must be sent to us in writing via email and will take effect on the day that we acknowledge receipt via a return email to you from a member of our team.

1.2 Please ensure that you have received written confirmation of any changes that have been made to your booking prior to travel as without confirmation any change in booking will not be confirmed.


2.1 While we will always try our best to assist with your requests to amend or cancel a booking we cannot always guarantee that any changes or cancellations can be made after the booking arrangement has been made.

2.2 Any requested amendments or cancellations made by you on behalf of your group can only be accepted in accordance with the terms and conditions and refund policies of the supplier of your booking arrangement and our terms and conditions. 

2.3 The supplier has the right to charge a fee for the cancellation or amendment of any booking made in accordance with the information displayed within their booking terms and conditions.

2.4 Where a cancellation is made after the deposit payment has been paid and it is more than 60 days before the date of your booking the deposit amount paid is non refundable.

2.5 Where a cancellation is made either less than 60 days before the date of your booking or after the full and final payment has been made by you to My Marbella Weekender SL (whichever comes first),  My Marbella Weekender SL reserve the right to retain 100% of the total cost of your booking(s).

2.6 Where possible, depending on the refund policy of the supplier of your booking(s) should it be more lenient than our refund and cancellation terms it may be possible to part refund your booking(s) however this will be minus the administration fees of the supplier and the administration fees of My Marbella Weekender SL and will depend on the supplier’s refund policy.

2.7 If you fail to turn up to your arranged booking then in this case 100% of the cost of your arrangement will be retained.

2.8 If a cancellation or amendment is made to a booking where the price of that booking is dependent on the number of people taking part in the booking arrangement, the price difference will be charged accordingly. 

If the number of people taking part in the activity decreases after booking, the person or people that can no longer take part in the activity may still be charged in full if the price was calculated based on the number of people included in the booking.

2.9 If the number of people taking part in the booking increases, the price of the booking will be reworked to include the additional people and you will receive a new booking confirmation. You will be required to pay the increased price for the additional group members.


3.1 Sometimes we may have to make changes to your booking to correct errors made before and after bookings have been confirmed by us, this is also true for any of the suppliers of any arrangement offered through our website www.mymarbellaweekender.com

3.2 Whilst ourselves and our suppliers always try to avoid making any changes or cancellations to arrangements made through My Marbella Weekender SL, we and they must reserve a right to do so.

3.3 More often than not changes made to any booking arrangements will be minor, such as an alteration of the time of the activity or activities. However in extremely rare circumstances a cancellation or a change of date may need to be made. If this happens you will be made aware as soon as possible after the supplier has made us aware of the situation.

3.4 If this is the case we will offer you the following options:

  • To choose an alternative as suggested by us which will be a similar standard to your original booking arrangement.
  • To cancel the booking in which case we will obtain a full refund from the supplier of all monies you have paid to us relating to the cancelled or date amended arrangement.
  • Accept a new arrangement matching the value of your previous arrangement. If the new arrangement costs more than the previous arrangement you will be required to pay the increased price. If the new arrangement costs less than the original arrangement we will obtain a refund for you of the difference in price between the cancelled or amended arrangement and the new booking arrangement.

3.5 Please note that none of the options above are available where any change made to your booking is a minor one (ie change of time).

3.6 No liability beyond offering the above mentioned alternatives can be accepted where changes or cancellations to your booking arrangement are made.

3.7 Where the cancellation of your activity is completely beyond our control such as closure of a supplier’s company or venue, in this case, while we will always make an effort to return any monies paid by you, sometimes this may be impossible. 

3.8 In any case where we are unable to gain a refund for your cancelled booking back from the supplier(s) of your arrangement, 100% of the cost of your booking will be retained.

3.9 In such an event it will be the supplier that you have formed a contract with upon booking, and it will be that supplier that will be liable to return any payments made by you.


4.1 Where the weather affects your ability to take part in your booking(s) you will not be entitled to change or cancel your booking without paying ours or the supplier’s normal charges and you will not be entitled to the options set out in clause 3.4. We will of course assist you to find alternative activities or arrangements however these alternatives may only be available at an additional cost to you.

4.2 Where the weather affects your booking and the activity or event you booked is unable to take place you will be charged a 3% administration and amendment fee by My Marbella Weekender SL in addition to any normal fees charged by the supplier of the arrangement. If the supplier confirms that your booking is still able to go ahead despite the weather conditions you will not be entitled to a refund.

4.3 Where possible, if we can find an alternative booking for the same price as your previous arrangement and this is booked by your group, My Marbella Weekender SL will only charge any normal fee charged to us by the supplier of the cancelled booking arrangement. This is only the case if the supplier states that your booking is unable to go ahead due to adverse weather conditions.

4.4 Where an alternative booking is found and the cost of the new booking is higher than the cancelled booking you will be required to pay the increased price plus any administration fees incurred by us or our suppliers.


5.1 My Marbella Weekender SL acts as a sales agent for the suppliers and arrangements that can be found on our website www.mymarbellaweekender.com. The agreement that we make with you is to source and book arrangements for you with our suppliers.

5.2 The contract(s) that are made are with each applicable supplier of the arrangements that we book for you, and the arrangement is therefore governed by each individual supplier’s booking conditions. Our responsibility is limited to making an arrangement between you and the supplier of the booking(s) in line with any instructions you may give us.

5.3 We accept responsibility for the arrangements that we provide to you if we fail to use reasonable care and skill in selecting the supplier(s) who provide your bookings. However we accept no responsibility for any booking arrangements or information that we pass onto you in good faith.

5.4 If you should wish to make a claim against us it is your responsibility to show that we have failed to use reasonable care and skill in selecting our supplier(s).


We advise that you take out appropriate personal insurance to cover you in the event of any illness, accident or cancellation of arrangements made by us. You must ensure that any policy you take out covers the booking arrangements and activities you intend to undertake along with cover that does not form part of your booking arrangements.


7.1 If you suffer from any medical condition it is your responsibility to make us aware of this at the time of making any booking arrangements.

7.2 Some of the activities and booking arrangements require a good level of fitness and strength and it is your responsibility upon booking to ensure that you have the appropriate level.

7.3 If we have been made aware of any medical condition you may have which deems an activity unsuitable for you, we have the right to contact the supplier and make them aware of this. The supplier then holds the right to refuse your booking on this basis.

7.4 If the booking has already been confirmed and we are later made aware that you suffer a medical condition that will make the activity or arrangement unsuitable for you the supplier reserves the right to cancel your booking and normal cancellation charges will apply as laid out in clause 2 of this policy.

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want to be the first to know about all things marbella

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