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M Y   M A R B E L L A  W E E K E N D E R: R E S T A U R A N T  R E V I E W 

Restaurant: Rachels Eco Love

Food Type: Health Food

Location: Puente Romano

Atmosphere: Chilled  

Price: ☀☀☀

Service: ☀☀☀

Food: ☀☀☀☀

Website: www.rachelsecolove.com/

vegetarian restaurant marbella

Nestled inside the botanical maze that is the Puente Romano Hotel hides a vibrant little restaurant with a secret garden vibe.

Rachels Eco Love sells itself as a health food haven for lovers of ecologically produced dishes, with a focus on using only 100% organically farmed foods.

The restaurant really is a hidden gem and actually isn’t that easy to find, luckily we were pointed in the right direction by the friendly Puente Romano receptionist after a slight 10 minute detour in the wrong direction!

healthy restaurant marbella

Once you actually know which way to head the entrance to the restaurant is well signposted and the beautiful terraced area and poolside dining completely unexpected.

healthy restaurant marbella

The only downside to the initial appearance of the restaurant is the fact that the inside dining area is extremely small with just 3 tables available, so if you do decide to visit this restaurant on a rainy day calling in advance to reserve your table is a must.

Luckily the weather was on our side when we arrived and we were seated outside on the terrace area by the pool. The chilled out atmosphere and quiet surroundings makes this venue the perfect spot for coffee and catch up with friends, casual business meetings or a lazy family lunch.

Another focal point of the restaurant is the bright and inviting colour scheme, its popping pink flowers and beautiful turquoise furniture serves to accentuate the amazing multi coloured coffees, juices and smoothies available.

health food marbella

We went with the ‘Milk and Roses Latte’ as this was the only colourful superfood coffee option that actually had coffee in it (the Turmeric, Matcha, and Blue Lattes don’t) and we both switched the standard full milk for unsweetened almond milk which is a great option for vegans or anyone avoiding dairy.

In all honesty the latte’s were a little disappointing, the presentation was great but the strong flowery taste overpowered the coffee (we probably should have taken the ‘roses’ hint in the name and not just picked it because it was pink).  Next time we would definitely be inclined to give the Turmeric or Matcha superfood lattes a try as these seemed super popular with other diners and are clearly the caffeine alternatives in fashion right now.

After coffee it was time to tackle the food menu which is filled with pictures of bright dishes that all look incredible. There literally is a choice for any taste with vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and  dairy free options as well as organically farmed meat and fish dishes.

healthy restaurant marbella

We went for the ‘Falafel Wrap’ and the ‘Cool Salad’ the first choice being great for vegetarians and the second a super healthy option for the meat eaters. Both dishes had amazing flavours and were accompanied by the best and brightest freshly made beetroot hummus we have ever tasted.  

healthy restaurant marbella

Although one thing we would say is that the portion sizes for the price aren’t amazing, the three lonely potatoes that came with the wrap would not satisfy most appetites, especially when the dishes do take at least half an hour to arrive and hunger kicks in.

healthy restaurant marbella

Despite this flavour wise both meals were definitely worth the wait. The quality and freshness of the ingredients used really impacted on the taste of what could have been just a standard veggie wrap. The salad was packed with a rainbow of different coloured foods and filled with antioxidants which help to keep your skin young and healthy so a definite winner for us!

A few other dishes on the menu that caught our eye were the Mexican chicken burger, the hummus, avocado and pomegranate pizza and the banana bread which we will definitely be going back to try.

We were almost tempted to grab one of Rachel’s desserts to take away as the protein balls, carrot cake, and lime and ginger cheesecake on display looked too good to turn down. However we opted for the restaurants best selling ‘Dragon Juice’ for dessert which was recommended to us by the waitress.

healthy restaurant marbella

The juice looked amazing however the taste was average – possibly a little bit overpowered with avocado, but the mixture of superfood ingredients crammed in made up for the lack of flavour leaving you feeling super healthy and full of energy! 

Next Review: Healthy Place – Puerto Banus

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want to be the first to know about all things marbella

Weekenders!  🙌
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Keep up to date on ALL THINGS MARBELLA by leaving us your name and email below 👇
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