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48 Hours In Marbella: The Ultimate Guide


48 Hours In Marbella: The Ultimate Guide


Just 48 hours in Marbella and up to your eyeballs in recommendations?

Instead of trying to remember that restaurant your mate’s cousin went to in 2007 why not have a quick read through our up-to-date picks and tips on how to make the most of your Marbs trip!

things to do in Marbella 2019

Our two-day itinerary has been created based on advice from the locals, past customers and our own MMW staff experiences – squeezing together all of the most loved Marbella venues all into one weekend.

Keep reading to find out more about all of our favourite things to do in Marbella …

Airport transfers marbella

Tip #1: Pre Book Your Airport Transfers

Before we begin let’s get the boring bits out of the way.

When you have just 48 hours to experience Marbella, pre arranged airport transfers are essential!

Shared transfers can sometimes take hours, especially in peak season when the transfer is likely to have a number of different groups to drop off along the coast!

With Marbella being one of the last stops save yourself the anxiety of the ‘that better not be our hotel or i’ll cry’ game and get dropped directly to your door.

The MMW team can save you even more time on your transfers as all of our private hire Mercedes Minibuses take the toll route rather than the standard taxi route – taking up to 20 minutes off your transfer time each way!

Need Airport Transfers? 

Get A Quote Here


Central Puerto Banus Beachfront Apartment 1

Check In And Explore. 

If your accommodation is in central Puerto Banus ditch your luggage and have a walk along the marina as you probably won’t remember being there in the morning!

Grab some brunch at Jack’s Smokehouse and ask to be seated upstairs to take in those incredible sea views.

Tip #2: Book in the Centre

If you only have 48 hours try to pick accommodation as close to Puerto Banus as possible.

This will save you time and taxis!

If you can pay for early check in it’s totally worth it to get rid of your bags and to give you somewhere to freshen up as soon as you arrive.


Sea’s The Day 

Marbella yacht hire 2019

You’ve had a super early morning and you’re more than likely planning a late night.

We recommend taking advantage of that well deserved holiday chill time and topping up your vitamin sea on one of our private yachts!

Looking for something a little more lively?

Add on drinks packages, bellini bars, unlimited beers, cheeky butlers, bikini waitresses and more!

Sound like a plan?

Check out all of our incredible yachts here!

Tip #3: Take the Morning Off

Daytime events in Marbella don’t tend to get busy until 1pm onwards.

With this in mind if you arrive in Marbella before midday you can still make the most of a beach club day or pool party if you want to cram as much in as possible.

While the daytime events are ridiculously popular in Marbella the nightlife is also amazing which is why we recommend not going in to hard day one and saving yourself for the night!


Drink Happy Thoughts

La Sala Marbella

Priority number one – food and always food.

Marbella has so many great restaurants it can be overwhelming making that all important decision on where to eat.

We personally LOVE La Sala, and after a chilled (or not so chilled) afternoon it’s the perfect pick for food and pre drinks.

Check out the La Sala group set menu’s here.


After La Sala head to Pangea for breathtaking views of the marina and a great open air atmosphere and if you’re still standing make your way to Mirage until the sun comes up!

Find out more about Pangea here.

Tip #4: Eat Late

Aim to eat for around 8.30 – 9pm as the pre bars tend to start getting busy from 10.30pm onwards and the clubs don’t close until 7am on weekends!


Beach Please!

sisu marbella prices 2019

So here we hit the ultimate Marbella dilemma.

Kisstory at SISU Vs Candypants at Plaza Beach

We’re afraid this one is on you guys as we are OBSESSED with both.

The only way to slightly differentiate between the 2 is that SISU has a pool and Plaza Beach doesn’t and Plaza is a bigger venue – SISU is more crammed in.

Either way you’re going to have the best day of your life.

plaza beach marbella

Find out more about Plaza Beach here    | Find out more about SISU here

Tip #5: Rent a Sunbed

Get a bed or you will literally be stood up aaaaall day which is not ideal.

Pre booking these venues is essential & many weekends sell out months in advance.


Happy Hour

best places to eat in Marbella

So congrats if you’ve made it home before 7pm with both shoes.

You now have 2 options – eat in or out.

Either let our catering team come to you to create the most mouthwatering BBQ you have ever seen or pre book a set menu with bottomless beer and wine to keep the momentum going for another big night ahead (Yes you still have a million more bars to visit!)

For eating out inspo click here    | For eating in inspo click here

Next we recommend the chilled out cocktail bar that gives us life – Astral!

astral cocktail bar marbella

You can’t pre book which is super annoying for large groups but the fresh fruit cocktails are definitely worth the obscene queue (Eat early and get there before 10 to avoid this).

You also get free popcorn with your drinks AND the bar is right at the start of the nightlife strip so no messing around with taxis.

After Astral we recommend checking out Newscafe, Babilonia and Linekers in that order.

Then if you’re still standing (seriously how are you still standing though!?) we recommend heading over to TIBU!

Find Out More About Booking Tables For The Above Venues Here

The Last Few Hours

If you have a super early flight be sure to pre book transfers and make sure the most organised / least intoxicated member of the group has their alarm set to round up the troops!

Got a little bit of spare time before your transfer?

Why not pre book our bottomless brunch and see yourselves off in style!

Pre booked a late check out?

Spend your last few hours topping up that tan by the pool and let our catering team prepare the perfect hangover cure with your choice between the ultimate english breakfast or our afternoon tea inspired brunch!

So there you have our ultimate guide to 48 Hours in Marbella.

Just stopped by for a bit of advice? We look forward to seeing you this summer!!

Need help booking your ultimate Marbella itinerary or have some questions we didn’t cover in this post?

Get in touch using the contact form below.

We hope you enjoyed our post.

 Contact us here to request to be added to our mailing list for updates on all things Marbella!

Speak soon Weekenders xo



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Keep up to date on ALL THINGS MARBELLA by leaving us your name and email below 👇
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