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The Andalusian Marina of Puerto Banus has always been synonymous with luxury and wealth. 

However this Marbella based millionaires playground is not only the holiday destination of choice for the rich and 

famous, but is also a popular pick for young adults looking for something a little more than Magaluf!

If you’re visiting Marbella this year make sure you take a look at our list of ‘Marbie Mistakes’ below 

more often than not made by first time visitors! 

1) So you’re off to Marbella…well…sort of.

While the area you’re looking for is in fact located in Marbella, the location you need to be looking at is actually the marina of Puerto Banus!

This is where the likes of Plaza Beach, Linekers Bar and Ocean Club can be found!

If you don’t do your research you could end up staying a 15 minute taxi ride away past Marbella old town, which while beautiful to look at, is certainly not the party playground you’re after!

Travel tip:

Take a look at hotels such as the PYR and Benabola for a great location.

2) A date for your diary…

While Puerto Banus is a beautiful holiday destination to visit all year round, unfortunately our party scene is very short lived! Most of the bars don’t open up until early March and will remain quiet until at least mid April!

The popular beach clubs open even later, with most scheduling their opening dates for the last week in April!

These amazing bars and beach clubs are then jam packed May to mid September with most beach clubs closing before October hits and the bars following soon after!

Travel tip:

 The end of April to the end of September is our peak season. Some of the bars such as Linekers and News Cafe are open earlier and close later but will not be as busy as they are during our Summer months.

There are bars such as Babilonia and  Portside that are open all year round if you are coming out of season.

Check out our calendar  for bar and beach club opening and closing dates and note that most of our daytime activities featured on www.mymarbellaweekender.com are still available to book during the winter months.

3) Organised chaos…

Organisation is boring right? We get it.

However when you only have a few days to cram in every activity possible, being organised with where you want to go will save you a lot of stress and precious drinking time!

Not only that, a lot of the popular beach clubs, pool parties, bars and nightclubs have their beds and tables reserved and booked out months in advance so sometimes organization really does pay off!

If you’re really not the organised type, hand over the reins to us and we will make sure your booked into the best beach clubs and most exclusive bars Marbella has to offer.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information regarding reservations.

Travel Tip:

We recommend Sisu Staff Pool Parties on a Tuesday, Plaza Beach foam party on a Thursday and Kisstory on a Friday and Ocean Club or Nikki Beach for a Sunday.

However places like Plaza beach, Ocean Club and Nikki Beach will be busy every day in the summer months.

Check out our packages and reserve your beds and bottles now for 2017!

4) Paying the price…

With Banus being surrounded by wealthy yacht owners, entrepreneurs and high end designer shops, it should not come as a surprise that its prices reflect its company.

Be prepared to spend a small fortune on food and drink if you walk into the wrong venue.

However don’t let this put you off, if you pre book your tables, beds and packages for the bars and beach clubs not only will you save yourself a lot of hassle, but also a a lot of money!

There are also many restaurants in the port that will offer cheaper lunch menus and set early dinner menus that are very reasonably priced!

Travel Tip:

Beach club bed packages often work out well, with the bed included free with a minimum spend.

Usually this minimum spend will not only include drinks but food also, and compared to the price per drink bottles are always the best option for bigger groups.

This is also the case with the most popular bars and nightclubs, if you want to sit down you will need to buy a table, within which includes a minimum spend!

5) Be fashionably late …

Its all about being late in Marbella!

Beach parties kick off late afternoon, bars get busy late at night and no doubt you will be sleeping in late in the morning!

With this in mind plan on attending beach and pool parties around mid day, hit the bars around 10.30pm and make your way to the clubs after 1!

If you don’t fancy a heavy night the restaurants are also open until around 1am during the summer months and many people tend to eat around 10pm, which makes the restaurants along the marina perfect for people watching!

Travel Tip:

Bare in mind that if you have pre booked beds and bottles at beach clubs and have made table reservations in bars and nightclubs they usually give you a set time to arrive at the venue!

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Planning to visit marbella?...

want to be the first to know about all things marbella

Weekenders!  🙌
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Keep up to date on ALL THINGS MARBELLA by leaving us your name and email below 👇
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